Full Circle (Wicca: Sweep, book 14) by Cate Tiernan – book cover, description, publication history. Mar 19, Hunter, Morgan, and Alisa. Together the three worked to defeat the most unspeakable evil known to witches. Now the danger they face is just. Full Circle is the 14th book in the Sweep series. It is written from both Hunter and Morgan’s points of view. Full Circle was first published on September 30,

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I am sad that I only have one book left in the series and I am reluctant to start reading it because I dont want it to be over. It really felt cxte the author was just dragging things out here – bringing back dead characters, introducing new fulll 14 books in and expecting the reader to connect with them.

It had been a dream. Though Hunter stopped her. Closing my eyes, I cast out my senses, searching for the magick’s source.

Read it Forward Read it first. Selene used Cal’s image to try and destroy Morgan for good. I stumble left and right, struggling to walk.

He wanted to protect the person he loved, but he also needed to protect others who appeared to be in danger and in need. Ten feet above the water it swings powerful legs forward and slashes at the choppy surface circl curved razor claws.

I figured it was Selene because you never actually knew that she was dead. The sounds of them going downstairs, talking softly, the rush ckrcle water as Mom filled the coffeemaker-it was the lullaby that finally eased me back to sleep. The Girl with the Broken Heart. Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful.


However, when he is approached by 2 witches from a nearby town concerned that their loving and warm coven leader has turned to dark magick he begins investigating her, with the help of his father, and soon discovers the truth behind this witch’s motives and must come up with a quick solution to this difficult problem.

From Killian till Sky. They mean nothing to me. Since circoe is something that much of the series has revolved around I found it very dissatisfying that she just brushed over that point in the story. But the present battle Morgan has to face just may change her future forever. A quick glance finds a slightly less overgrown section, and I head for it.

Full Circle

Those fears ended up being unfounded as this book really was well written. Then why make her this super-powerful? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Quotes from Full Circle. It seems that Cal, who is supposed to be dead, is trying to contact her. Morgan is starting to have terrifying dreams and is now sleepwalking too. I’ve enjoyed most of the books. I think this book was a great ending for the series.

I’m much more idiosyncratic and just need to do my own thing, which is kind of new-agey and pantheistic. I loved the whole plot with patricia and her son because that is something that I could sort of relate to in my own way, and I think that the mother was shown well in that she was just trying to do everything that she could to make her son better. My first book, a young, middle-grade chapter book, was published in First, I would just like to comment that I was right that Selene was going to come back.


I run for the trees, the pebbles flaying my feet. She had given it this mysterious Ok, this has to be my favorite one out of the whole series because it just seemed to contain the most life, detail, depth and power. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer One Book Two one book, two reviews.

I love the idea. I didn’t really care about Morgan’s dreams and because of all of the unnecessary details in this, I wa 3. That being said, the series is addictively readable.

I liked the chase and the new found speed and skill that Hunter still retained, even after quitting the council. I loved how I got to see the interlinking details between Morgan and Hunter, but the ending The dreams got a little predictable after Morgan mentioned that she was seeing Cal.

Full Circle | Cate Tiernan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You could probably skip this book and not miss much, seeing as how Morgan has a penchant for recapping what happened previously. Together the three worked to defeat the most unspeakable evil known to witches. I never read this one before this is exciting! One thing is clear: There is some kissing and some scary scenes, as well.